I first met Jodi while I was a Sr. Manager at Teranet. Jodi and Dharmesh were always very helpful and approachable any time I needed to hire a technical team member. Their recruitment team was very skilled and able to provide me with high quality resumes within a very short period of time which expedited my shortlisting process. I was never disappointed when meeting a candidate they had sent my way as they often met my requirements – so shortlisting was usually down to a week as long as I dedicated full time to the hiring job. This was remarkably faster than what other recruiting firms could provide me with. Jodi’s approachable and honest personality also made the whole process easier, giving me the confidence I would find exactly who I needed.

During the time we worked together, Jodi helped me find a number of highly skilled professionals who were capable of performing very well at work; never disappointing. I highly recommend working with CoreFactor when sourcing for your next IT team member, or even your whole team.