I have worked with CoreFactor on more than one occasion, in both good times and bad. As a candidate, CoreFactor  treated me with the utmost care from Day 1. Dharmesh had reached out to me with an opportunity that he thought was a good fit based on my skills and experiences. I had never worked with an agency before, but he helped me understand the opportunity and asked the right questions to ensure a fit between both parties. Throughout the process he and the CoreFactor team:

  • Took the time to work with my busy schedule and meeting close to my home at the time of my convenience;
  • Worked with the complexities of my current career path and compensation compared to the new opportunity;
  • Ensuring effective coordination between the company and me for interviews;
  • Pro-actively followed up with both the company and myself post-interview to evaluate how things went.

When I experienced some employment-related hardships, CoreFactor helped me with navigating the next steps of my career by connecting me with industry professionals and identifying potential opportunities. Ultimately, its great to know these guys have your back no matter the situation! I would continue to work with them as both a candidate and an employer!