Posted on August 17, 2020

Digital Transformation – What is it?

Every organization has its own story. Every achievement or failure is part of the journey. As times change from the industrial revolution to the green revolution to the information revolution, going digital is the new goal.

What is digital transformation?

The real transformation began when we went from analog to digital: from waveform to byte form (0s and 1s). Everything from sound, to video to the internet is moving away from analog to digital. Simply put transformation is a change. Digital transformation is the adoption of new age technology to improve processes and increase productivity. It’s about automation, real-time collaboration and the use of Cloud based technologies that enable omnipresence. While cloud computing is a whole other subject that we will discuss in a separate blog, sticking to the subject at hand, digital transformation is unique to every organization. It’s a journey that the entire organization must undertake and it starts at the top of the house.

How do you go about it?

So, where does an organization start? You need to begin with the end in mind and work your way backwards. Ask yourself whether your business practices and technology solutions help you achieve your organizations key business drivers? Do they enable the outcomes you are looking for? Is there room for improving your business processes? And so on....

Start small. Pick a business unit and objectively measure the ROI. Determine whether the people in the business unit are enjoying their work or whether they are spending too much time performing mundane tasks such as generating end of day P&L reports. Compare your spend vs your ROI. Is the business unit aligned to the latest industry trends of automation over manual processing? Are your applications secure? When was the last time you conducted a penetration test or a security audit of your systems?

How can we help?

At TalentMinder, our mandate is to mind your business. Our belief is that every organization’s journey is unique. Given our rich consulting experience, TalentMinder has developed a methodology and approach that begins with the end in mind to assist you with your  journey forward. TalentMinders end to end capabilities and ecosystem of solutions make us a trusted advisor and strategic partner for our clients.

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