Cybersecurity & Secure Cloud

CoreFactor is a proud partner of BriteSky Technologies Inc., one of Canada’s best hidden secrets in the MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider) space.

BriteSky Technologies Inc. offers the most integrated, customized, and secure enterprise technology solutions for complex information and data networks. BriteSky Cloud solutions simplify the storage, management, and sharing of enterprise data. BriteSky Cybersecurity solutions bring defense-in-depth security to networks, applications, and data. Together, BriteSky Cloud and BriteSky Cybersecurity enable enterprises to ensure the continuous, uninterrupted flow of business-critical information.

BriteSky Technologies has been twice awarded the “Ottawa’s Fastest Growing Companies” recognition, for 2017 and 2018. Additionally, they constantly adopt and evaluate themselves against industry best practices and certifications. All of their staff have Government of Canada clearance. In addition, their cybersecurity products and solutions adhere to many security controls and compliances.

Service Offering:


  1. SIEM as a Service
  2. Threat Intelligence as a Service
  3. Vulnerability Management as a Service
  4. Endpoint Visibility as a Service
  5. Firewall Protection as a Service
  6. Automated Response as a Service
  7. Privileged Access Management as a Service

Secure Cloud

  1. Infrastructure as a Service
  2. Disaster Recovery as a Service
  3. Firewall as a Service
  4. Storage as a Service
  5. Backup as a Service

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