Ana, Client, Corporate Real Estate
I first met Jodi while I was a Sr. Manager at Teranet. Jodi and Dharmesh were always very helpful and approachable any time I needed to hire a technical team member. Their recruitment team was very skilled and able to provide me with high quality resumes within a very short period of time which expedited my shortlisting process. I was never disappointed when meeting a candidate they had sent my way as they often met my requirements - so shortlisting was usually down to a week as long as I dedicated full time to the hiring job. This was remarkably faster than what other recruiting firms could provide me with. Jodi’s approachable and honest personality also made the whole process easier, giving me the confidence I would find exactly who I needed. During the time we worked together, Jodi helped me find a number of highly skilled professionals who were capable of performing very well at work; never disappointing. I highly recommend working with CoreFactor when sourcing for your next IT team member, or even your whole team.
Russell, Candidate and Client, Professional Services
I have been working with the management team at CoreFactor for a number of years now. Jodi placed me as a candidate with one of his clients a few years ago and since that time we have built a strong relationship. Now that I am in a management position I rely on CoreFactors experience and service. Working with Jodi and the CoreFactor team has been a great experience. Their approach, openness and honesty has been an extremely refreshing experience given the industry is not known for being open or honest. I highly recommend CoreFactor as a staffing partner to organizations looking to work with honest professionals who understand the importance of building strong relationships and knowing their clients. I also highly recommend them to professionals who are looking for their next career opportunity, contract or who are looking for great career advice.
Adam, Client, Fintech
Jodi was introduced to me by a colleague a couple years ago who highly recommended that I use his organization's services for building my team. After meeting his colleague, Dharmesh Raja and the recruitment team and seeing first hand the level of commitment and professionalism that was provided to my organization, I quickly understood why they were so highly recommended. CoreFactor always comes through when we need them and they do a fantastic job of representing our organization's value proposition and employment brand in the market. I would recommend CoreFactor to any organization looking for a staffing partner.
Mark, Client, Media & Entertainment
I have been working with Jodi for close to ten years now. I believe that when an individual has earned your trust and respect that you remain loyal to that individual. That's why I was extremely happy when Jodi and Dharmesh started CoreFactor. After being introduced to Dharmesh, it was easy to see how well they worked together and that they shared the same vision for what they wanted in an organization. CoreFactor is an organization that I would gladly recommend to anyone or any company. They really are unique in that they understand not only what their clients needs are but they know who their clients are. They are an extension of who their clients are and in a competitive market, where landing top talent is so competitive, having an organization like CoreFactor who knows who you are and what sets you apart is a great advantage to have.
Valavan, Candidate and Client, Fintech
I have worked with CoreFactor on more than one occasion, in both good times and bad. As a candidate, CoreFactor  treated me with the utmost care from Day 1. Dharmesh had reached out to me with an opportunity that he thought was a good fit based on my skills and experiences. I had never worked with an agency before, but he helped me understand the opportunity and asked the right questions to ensure a fit between both parties. Throughout the process he and the CoreFactor team:
  • Took the time to work with my busy schedule and meeting close to my home at the time of my convenience;
  • Worked with the complexities of my current career path and compensation compared to the new opportunity;
  • Ensuring effective coordination between the company and me for interviews;
  • Pro-actively followed up with both the company and myself post-interview to evaluate how things went.
When I experienced some employment-related hardships, CoreFactor helped me with navigating the next steps of my career by connecting me with industry professionals and identifying potential opportunities. Ultimately, its great to know these guys have your back no matter the situation! I would continue to work with them as both a candidate and an employer!